HHA People Trace is an online service which helps people trace just about anyone - beneficiaries to unclaimed estates and financial assets, errant customers or clients, lost family members, or helping with family history research. Operating on a NO TRACE, NO FEE basis with a high success rate it is an essential tool for everyone, as a one off or for regular use.

HHA People Trace

We offer a fully comprehensive people tracing service, which covers the United Kingdom, Ireland, as well as the Channel Islands.

Our system covers electoral rolls since 1992, twenty years of historical data, business data (including directorships), deceased data, address & location information, date of birth, consented information including mobile & landline telephone numbers (even for those listed as ex-directory),‘goneaway’ details on addresses detailed (with forwarding address, if available), details on a person’s insolvency/bankruptcy status, land registry details, as well as validation on U.K.landline & mobile telephone numbers.

It also brings up co-habitants living at both current & historical addresses, which means that even if there is not a telephone number showing for the trace person at their address, there is a high chance that a co-habitant has a valid mobile/landline number that can be traced, enabling swift contact.

Our service is offered at a highly discounted rate of £25 for a three business day service, exclusively for HHA and FPAR  members. For legal professionals, estate agents, property letting companies and power supply companies we offer the same guaranteed NO TRACE, NO FEE service for just £45 - do not confuse us with more expensive services with limited reach.

Our FAST TRAK services offers a more focused low cost service with a virtual 100% success rate. 

The basic information needed is the person’s full name (with any known variations), year & quarter of birth; along with any regions they may have connections with i.e region of birth or place they were last known. Further information is always advantageous e.g. known associates (spouse or child), known profession or business type, full date of birth.

The service is ideal to trace heirs to unclaimed estates, errant clients and customers who are owed refunds or other types of payment but cannot be found.

People Trace is a personal service and not automated, each order is dealt with personally by a staff member.

For especially hard to trace people our sister http://www.hha-uk.com  can assist in tracing people either on a fee basis, or commission paid by the funds beneficary. We offer a complete service of solving the dilemma of tracing people who are owed money. We are the reverse of a debt chasing organisation.