HHA People Trace is an online service which helps people trace just about anyone - beneficiaries to unclaimed estates and financial assets, errant customers or clients, lost family members, or helping with family history research. Operating on a NO TRACE, NO FEE basis with a high success rate it is an essential tool for everyone, as a one off or for regular use.


HHA People Tracer is a service partnership between the well known Heir Hunters Association (HHA) and an established probate research firm who know the frustration of completing genealogical research, only to find the relevant living beneficiaries almost impossible to trace. Often, there may be a lone beneficiary who has lost touch with the rest of the family, or it may be you’ve traced a beneficiary’s address, but there is no telephone number showing. Beneficiary’s often sign with the first Heir Hunter to make contact, meaning you lose out.


‘If only I’d got to them sooner’, is often the Heir Hunter’s mantra. Our service offers just that- a quicker, more comprehensive people tracing service.


Your time is a valuable commodity. Finding a difficult to trace beneficiary using conventional methods often takes relentless hours, several letters & painstaking research, often having to cover several angles to make that last valuable connection. This can be one of the most deflating aspects to Heir Hunting.


We offer a much more user friendly service, enabling you to organise your time more efficiently, inevitably resulting in more cases being completed successfully.


Services can be tailored to search for the exact information required, from as little as £3.25, whilst still offering a complete trace on a no win no fee basis for more complicated cases. Information can be updated quickly & cost-effectively, with the ease of use of the system meaning less dormant/orphan accounts for the client.


In 2014 due to increased demand the service was expanded to include solicitors, legal professionals, power supply companies, and estate and letting agents who often hold cash funds for customers or clients with whom they have lost touch.


The HHA also provides a web based service for new unclaimed estates coupled with email monitoring and notification system via www.hha-bvlive.com in return for a low monthly, all inclusive subscription.