HHA People Trace is an online service which helps people trace just about anyone - beneficiaries to unclaimed estates and financial assets, errant customers or clients, lost family members, or helping with family history research. Operating on a NO TRACE, NO FEE basis with a high success rate it is an essential tool for everyone, as a one off or for regular use.


1. Who may use these services?

The original service founded in 2013 was restricted to members of the HHA to help them trace heirs and beneficiaries to unclaimed estates. Results were excellent, however there was clearly a wider need for other professional firms to use the service.


In 2015 the service further expanded by popular demand to help trace lost friends and relatives - helping with Family History Researcher. Uniting a host of long lost relatives this part of the services is increasing as more people find this valuable resource really works, or you pay nothing, 


In March 2014 the service was extended to help people and firms help trace clients and customers who are owned money for various situations, these include Finance, Insurance and Investment companies (for savings, trusts, life policies, pensions etc)  Power Supply companies (for deposits and over charges) , Lawyers for closed client accounts where the client has disappeared and cannot be traced by tradtional means, often owed substantial amounts. Estate agents and property letting companies with letting deposits, property sales inc freeholds and more...


With its optional no-trace, no-fee quarantee, or its low cost Fast Trak service its well worth a try, just register for free and place a search for your errant heir, client or customer. 


2. How do I place an order for a search?

Simply register for free, then complete the order form with relevant search details and submit the order.


You will be billed on successful trace based on the service option chosen which must be paid by PayPal or Bank Transfer within 24 hrs. You do not need a PayPal account and can use a credit or debit card through their secured servers.


No information is released until payment has been received.


Subscribing to HHA may be beneficial for qualifying firms, or individual researchers http://www.hha-uk.com as service fees are cheaper for their members. FPAR members also qualify see http://www.fpar.org.uk


3. What is the minimum information needed?

The minimum information needed is the person’s full name (with any known variations), year & quarter of birth, with region.


Other, more expensive services often need a full date of birth before doing a search whereas we can make searches with less information, but also can tie in links to other known people.


Each order is dealt with personally, it is not an automated service, so our staff can opt to cross reference your information with results obtained from dozens of key sources. 


4. Do you offer an evening/weekend service?

Orders may be placed at any time & we will endeavour to complete them as soon as  possible; however, we cannot guarentee to complete orders outside of normal office hours.Orders may be placed at any time


5. What if the search is unsuccessful?

In the unlikely event we are unable to successfully complete your search, within the given timescale; you will not be charged. In the unlikely event a priority search cannot be completed within the given timescale, you will be notified via e-mail &the cost will be, reduced to the standard service. The search will then be completed on this basis. If you do not want to proceed on that basis, then you must reply to the notification e-mail, as soon as possible after receipt, stating your wishes.


In some cases in a failed search our enquires will indentify other people who are linked to the person being sought - this knowledge may be useful to you as part of your own enquires, we will advise you of this and offer the results for a low fee typically £10. 


6. How do I know the information received is definitely the person I seek?

All information will have been cross-referenced & validated by various methods, prior to release. Where possible, we would validate a D.O.B. with the relevant registry office, or alternatively we may ask for further information to substantiate the entry, prior to release.


The more information you can provide when ordering the search the better, as this can help ensure the person we trace is your target as it enables us to cross reference various facts to increase the accurancy of results.


We will advise if there is any doubt on the accurancy of the trace so you can make an informed decision to accept (and pay for) the result. 


7. What if the person I seek is deceased?


This is treated as a SUCCESSFUL search and would create a different type of report which may help your enquires.


The search system will bring up a death 'halo' with a score of between 1-10. Anything over 7 means either a death certificate has been seen, or an insurance policy has paid out on the individual.


It will also bring up all of the normal information-last address, telephone numbers, as well as co-habitants at their last address & whether they are still living there. 


If you are seeking an heir to an estate then their death may then need you to perform a separate will/probate search, or further enquiries into next of kin who may inherit if there is no will. 



8. What is PT FAST TRAK?

The FAST TRAK service consists of a range of search options based on a number of services which may better suit the member firm's needs.


Unlike the normal full search done on a no trace no fee basis PT FAST TRAK works on pay per event, and requires the member to have a credit balance on their PT FAST TRAK account.


The FAST TRAK order form presented is the same as for a full search but requires only the information relative to the type of service required, for example:


1. Telephone numbers search (including mobiles) at a given address needs target's name, address & TN option checked.


2. Land Registry search needs target's name, address & LR option checked.


3. D.O.B. option needs target's name, address & DOB option checked.


4. Co-habitant details for given address needs the target's name, address & the co-habitant box checking


5.Long-term neighbour telephone search needs target's name, address & the LTN option checked


6. Address validation needs the target's name, address & the validate current address option checked.



9. What our members say about Fast Trak

"The new fast trak people trace order search is absolutely brilliant.

In a very short space of time we can obtain phone numbers of people we have  spent weeks searching for.  I like the choice of searches available - as one piece of information can be used to check another.  Excellent value for money as well!!

I would recommend it to anyone and this service has already become essential to our business.

Thank you!!  "

Helen Ball.  Helvor Probate Research Ltd.


Whenever I've used PeopleTrace they have been great.
They've found people I would not be able to.
Especially if a name is relatively common the can eliminate possibilities by
birth details.
Getting a phone number is quick and easy as well.

I've found People Trace to be invaluable.

Regards, Simon. 



10. What telephone information can you obtain?


The results on telephone numbers can vary but usually can identify some which are not readily obtained from other sources, these can include;


  • ex-directory landline numbers
  • mobile numbers - including pre-paid numbers


These can often give vital links in making contact with the person being sought. 



11. Why do I have to agree to a disclaimer, before the information is released?


In order to comply with the terms & conditions of our service usage, we need confirmation for our records that the information will only be used for legitimate, legal purposes. You agree this is the case when submitting the order.


For more details see the SERVICES tab above.


12. Can you do international traces?

Yes these are available on selected countries, it is as well to enquire first before submitting an order.


Fees are likely to be set per country and will be naturally be slightly higher than UK searches.




13. VAT and ICO


HHA People Trace 




At present as a new service it is not registered for VAT as the bulk of members are not themselves registered for VAT. This gives HHA People Trace a useful short term advantage of not adding 20% to the service charges.




ICO registration is held by the HHA under number Z1937029 in respect of data collected and stored with regards to service user members of HHA People Trace.


For more details and to view the Registration data record see http://www.ico.org.uk 


The search and reporting services are provided by

Tracey Sedgwick
TSprobate Research
Barras Dale
Bishop Auckland
DL13 1SW
Tel:44(0)1388 517105

Please direct all service issues to the above NOT HHA or via this site. 


14. Other services and asset tracing options


HHA People Trace is one of many services provided by the HHA


www.missingmillions.org.uk  a web site for linking clients with HHA and FPAR members engaged with tracing unclaimed assets held with a range of organisations where contact has been lost with the beneficaries to millions of unclaimed assets. Examples include finance and insurance, power supply companies, solictors and legal firms, estate and property letting agencies.


www.hha-bvlive.com on line access and email alerts to the latest intestate estates unclaimed and held by HM Treasury Solicitors office. Monitors estate being claimed and advises subscribers once a claim is approved, 


http://www.asset-research.org.uk lists various marketing teams involved specfically in asset research for corporate, mutal, institutional and private clients. Traces property, trusts, bank accounts, inheritances and more.....