HHA People Trace is an online service which helps people trace just about anyone - beneficiaries to unclaimed estates and financial assets, errant customers or clients, lost family members, or helping with family history research. Operating on a NO TRACE, NO FEE basis with a high success rate it is an essential tool for everyone, as a one off or for regular use.




Email Addresses and Messaging

Your email address will not be released to any commercial companies or used for any other purposes than the correct functioning of this site. From time to time we may send you information about new facilities and news about our service.

Your email address is not shown on the site. 


Cookies and Tracking

We do not use cookies and we do not track users apart from the minimal information to make sure the site functions correctly.


Credit and Debit Card Information

We use third part payment processors Paypal. This is far more secure than taking payments ourselves because they are specialists in secure payments. We do not see any information about credit card numbers, addresses etc.

Paypal have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies which you can consult when using their services.


Disclosure to Third Parties

If we are required to do so by law, we will disclose information to third parties. This will be the minimum amount permitted and will not be done under any other circumstances.


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