HHA People Trace is an online service which helps people trace just about anyone - beneficiaries to unclaimed estates and financial assets, errant customers or clients, lost family members, or helping with family history research. Operating on a NO TRACE, NO FEE basis with a high success rate it is an essential tool for everyone, as a one off or for regular use.


People Trace provides essentially a service that has been designed to be both simple and easy to understand and operate.


Registering as a member of the service is free and places you under no obligation as regards level of ordering, you order searches and traces only as and when needed.


Placing an order places you under two obligations;

  1. That if/when the trace you order is successful you will pay the required fee, results of the trace are however NOT provided until payment has been made. Any delay in paying will delay the reporting.
  2. By placing an order you also agree to the following waiver.



All the information released must be stored securely, complying with all aspects of the Data Protection Act 1998. Personal details must not be sold or passed on whatsoever to any third parties. Disclosure of any or all personal information must follow the strict guidelines detailed in the above act.


The information released must not be distributed, published, displayed, by any means & must only be used by the specific service user/member, for the purpose of their legitimate business.


The information must not be used for any illegal, illicit or harassment purposes, or any purpose deemed by hha-peopletrace as likely to damage their reputation, or otherwise bring hha-peopletrace into disrepute. This service must only be used wholly as intended, under the terms of these guidelines.


Any use outside of these guidelines will result in suspension of your service to you. Hha-peopletrace reserves the right to decline or limit this service to any service user or member, at their discretion, with or without any explanation.


The service user/member indemnifies hha-peopletrace of any & all responsibility relating to any misuse of this service.


Misuse is defined, but not limited by any violations of these guidelines. Under no circumstances will hha-peopletrace be liable to the user or any third party for; or in respect of any direct or consequential loss or damage or any loss of data, profit, revenue, contracts, or business, howsoever caused , even if the same was foreseeable by, or the possibility thereof is or has been brought to the attention of hha-peopletrace.


Failed or unsuccessful searches


We pride ourselves in being able to provide a complete service so members and clients are offered alernative services to trace more difficult cases, these can include to entering the query on the Missing Millions web site http://www.missingmillions.org.uk or using detailed personal research via members of http://www.hha-uk.com  or http://www.fpar.org.uk